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The American Media & the Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy

WORLD PREMIER May 26, 2017, at the Laemmle MUSIC HALL in Beverly Hills.

9036 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211    tel. 310-478-3836


I am not now, nor have I ever been a ‘conspiracy theorist!’ Just a story-teller. Sometimes successful; sometimes not. Telling the stories of ‘Real People’ for 3 years on the NBC #1 show of that name, which I created, CoProduced, Co-Wrote, and Co-Hosted, I was enormously successful. That was not the case in the over 40 years I tried to tell Jim Garrison’s story.

All I knew about President Kennedy’s assassination in 1970 when I first tried to book Mr.Garrison on my ‘AM Los Angeles,’ the number one morning show in LA, was, as will Rogers used to say, ‘What I read in the newspapers.!’ I was soon to learn the hard way, what I read was all FAKE NEWS! Accidentally picking up Garrison’s ‘Heritage Of Stone,’ his recounting of the Clay Shaw trial, discovering facts not found in the  media, I called and booked him. I was fired and he was cancelled.

All I thought was, ‘Oh, well, that’s showbizz,’ and went about trying to earn a living and get another job. I did. I became film critic for KNBC for 5 years, and for ten at Los angeles Magazine. Twice during that time Mr. Garrison and I had brief conversations about Viet Nam, the war JFK opposed,  and Watergate, which I said on TV ‘Was something that may have put America on the brink of Democracy!’

I did not speak to Mr. Garrison again until 1981 when ‘Real People’ was the number one show in the country. I read in a middle page of the LA Times that The House Select Committee On Assassinations had concluded there had been a conspiracy in the murder of JFK, as well as Dr. King. I called to congratulate him on being vindicated, and arranged to interview him, to tell his story, and to also help my boss, George Schlatter with his failing show ‘Speak Up America.’ Mr. Garrison described in detail how he felt their were 3 teams of shooters in Dealy Plaza, and the numbers of people outside of the shooters who knew the President would be killed.

Unbeknownst to me, in the middle of the night before airing, Schlatter, re-edited Mr. Garrison’s answers to say there were ’30’ shooters, deliberately slandering and defaming him. The next morning, after a screaming argument in which I accused Schlatter of being insane, I was gone from ‘Real People.’ As was ‘Real People.’ You cannot take away Neil Simon’s typewriter and give it so someone else and expect ‘The Odd Couple ‘ to pop out. I was the show’s story-teller.

Again, I just thought this was Showbiz, run by some really horrible stupid people!!

But now, jobs were scarce because word was out that I was a trouble maker. That’s life. So, I tried to build a new one caddying for my son in his efforts to get on the PGA tour. A few years, and a lot of 3 putts later, I got the chance to make a full documentary: ‘The Garrison Tapes,’ because Oliver Stone was making ‘JFK.’ When I was finished, Oliver endorsed it, saying it was ‘The perfect companion piece to ‘JFK!’ But no Network or Movie Company wanted this companion piece. In spite of rave reviews, standing room only, and awards, it went nowhere in America, but everywhere around the world.

Now I was beginning to think, like Hamlet, ‘There is something rotten in America as well as Denmark!’ But what can an unwanted unemployed story-teller do? Nothing. Now, instead of caddying, I tried playing golf myself!! Ending up playing mostly by myself. That is one of the great things about this game.

Then the 50th anniversary of JFK’s murder popped up. What did not pop up though, was not even one mainstream media story questioning the Warren Report..which had already been waylaid by the House Select Committee.To correct that oversight, I offered my film free to every Network and Assassination site. Not one taker. So, I mounted a presentation of my own at UNLV. George Knapp, the best Host of ‘Coast to Coast’ agreed for free, as a public service,  to interview Robert Kennedy jr. who at first accepted my last $25,000.00 as a fee to appear at a screening of the film and a q and a from the audience. Two days before, he backed out. To salvage the night, I took the money and booked 3 of the best researchers writers in the country, Joan Mellen, Dick Russell, and Jim Marrs. And hired Director Dan Jacobs. The dvd of this, ‘The Last Word On The Assassination,’ with new material from Garrison has been an amazing word-of-mouth best seller on Amazon for 3 years.

That was it. I was done with the story. At least so I thought. Then… in the middle of the 2016 election, with the worst possible bottom of the deepest barrel candidates the 1% owners of the country could scrape up, I kept hearing shouting and screaming about FAKE NEWS and CORRUPT MEDIA! Geez, all this sounded familiar. Where had I heard this before? From Jim Garrison back in 1981!! I pulled out the old dvd’s. Oh, my God, there it was!!! During my original interview with him I ignored it. I was a major part of the media. I did not want to hear that. Just tell me about the case.

With Jim Garrison’s discoveries haunting me, I had no choice, I had to now finally try and tell his whole story, which is really America’s story.

Thus: ‘The American Media And the 2nd Assassination Of Pres. John F. Kennedy!’

John Barbour

John Barbour, known by some as ‘The Godfather Of Reality TV!’..creator, co-Producer, writer, and Co-Host of the trend setting hit ‘Real People.’

Winner of a Golden Mike and five Emmys, the only one in TV to win Emmys for both Information and Entertainment. Google ‘johnbarbourswortld!’
Most importantly, the Writer-Director of the critically acclaimed and multiple award winning documentary ‘The Garrison Tapes.’ In the film ‘JFK’ Jim Garrison is portrayed by Kevin Costner. In real life, my film is the only film in which Mr. Garrison gets to tell his much suppressed real story of his investigation into the murder of Pres. John F. Kennedy, the horrifying still open crime that changed America and the world. After ten years of silence following the Clay Shaw trial in New Orleans, I was the only person to whom he would tell the full story. In spite of great reviews here, and as the winner of The San Sebastian Film Festival, and its enormous success around the world, it has been almost totally blacked out by the media in America..where his story really matters.
In spite of this, on Amazon, as part of ‘The Last Word On The Assassination’ it is in their top 15 of films! By word of mouth alone. Google Amazon and you will see scores of amazing unsolicited reviews!!
In my original film, I wanted to keep his story to 90 minutes. I was unable to include the rest of his historically important material. So, with the passing of the 53rd anniversary of JFK’s murder, it is time to do part two.
In the 70’s the Church Committee discovered the CIA had a 1,000 assets working in American Media. On released documents as result of The Freedom Of Information Act, we find scores were assigned to discredit and destroy Jim Garrison. We also know now that Dan Rather lied to the world in 1963 when he said on CBS that the famed Zapruder film showed the head shot was thrusting the President’s head FORWARD!
Today six major corporations own 96% of American Media, the Media that has allowed our government to continue to lie us into numerous wars. These horrifying lies began on Nov. 22nd. , 1963!

Part Two of ‘The Garrison Tapes’ will finally and fully expose them.
It is to be called ‘The American Media And The Second Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy.’

Kennedy’s assassination was the murder of the man who tried to halt the march into Viet Nam by the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about is a contribution to democracy and truth. For a film that must be seen by every American, especially every student in every school in the country.
Thomas Jefferson said: No country can have a true democracy without an informed public!’

This film tells the rest of Jim Garrison’s truly American story;
‘The American Media And The Second Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy!’

Coming soon, to a theater near you!

[/wr_vc_text][/wr_vc_abouts][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][wr_vc_abouts][wr_vc_sliders][wr_vc_slider cinestar_img=”472″][wr_vc_slider cinestar_img=”474″][/wr_vc_sliders][wr_vc_testimonials][wr_vc_testimonial clientname=”Beverley Oliver Massagee (The Babushka Lady)” cinestar_img=”592″]”This is definitely not another JFK documentary I thought I would see. This is absolutely the definitive, unmatchable documentary I thought I’d never see.!! John Barbour absolutely hits it out of the ball park..telling with incredible facts..and even humor..the heartbreaking heartlifting story of how Jim Garrison in investigating JFK’s murder discovered how the Media and CIA sabotaged the truth with FAKE NEWS!! And names names. I am so proud of John and his thrilling film!” Beverly Oliver Massagee
(Dealy Plaza eye witness)[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial clientname=”Kim Gurley” cinestar_img=”479″]“LOVED hearing you at the JFK conference and so enjoyed the screening of your newest venture! All the best to you…much admiration.”[/wr_vc_testimonial][/wr_vc_testimonials][/wr_vc_abouts][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][wr_vc_abouts][wr_vc_text]The American Media And The Second Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy, a synopsis:

“Arresting Clay Shaw for conspiracy to murder Pres. John F. Kennedy, New Orleans’ DA Jim Garrison announced  he would prove in court that the CIA did it. Just as they had murdered democratically elected Presidents in Iran and Guatemala. He called it a ‘no risk’ operation aided by some in the MEDIA  before the murder, with the killers all being protected by  the MEDIA after the murder. This films proves, along with the CIA’s own documents, Garrison was right. On both counts.

This amazing movie tells the story of how the CIA took over the MEDIA with ‘Project Mockingbird’ to create FAKE NEWS to pursue their FOREIGN POLICY military objectives in Cuba and Viet Nam.

It tells the story of President Kennedy’s war with the CIA over their lust for permanent war. It shows the flood of FAKE NEWS that overwhelmed Americans and helped drown the truth of Garrison’s case.

It also tells the story of Director John Barbour’s career challenging ordeals in struggling to get a MEDIA platform for Mr. Garrison to tell his story.

In the final analysis, though, this film is the ultimate AMERICAN STORY!”

[/wr_vc_text][wr_vc_popvideo url=”https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/jfk.houdini.com/trailerjohnbarbourok.mp4″ cinestar_img=”430″][/wr_vc_abouts][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Barbour moved to the United States in the early 1960s. His comedy act, particularly his 1965 album It’s Tough to Be White, dealt in part with civil rights and black-white relations.[3]

He is perhaps best known for creating and appearing in the hit 1970s TV show Real People. He also hosted the pilot for The Gong Show in the mid-1970s (walking away from the show in objection to its farcical premise and forcing producer Chuck Barris to step in front of the cameras as host), and was a regular panelist on the 1988 Canadian (US syndicated) version of Liar’s Club.

Barbour portrayed game show host Harry Monte in a 1975 episode of Sanford and Son.[4][5]

Barbour narrated Keith Burns’ documentary Ernie Kovacs: Television’s Original Genius.[6]

He also directed and wrote the 1992 documentary The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes.[7] This film covers the investigation of District Attorney Jim Garrison, who, after the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy, decided to further investigate the official report given by the Warren Commission. The documentary hypothesizes connections between the assassination and the FBI, the CIA, the Mafia, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and other organizations and foreign affairs issues.[8][9][10] The film won an award in 1993 at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain.


A stage comedian and TV show host in Canada.

He released two comedy albums. The first was ‘It’s tough to Be White,’ with liner notes by Comedian-Activist Dick Gregory. The second ‘I Met A Man I Didn’t Like’ with liner notes by Neil Simon.

He won his 5th Emmy hosting and producing a one-hour live Entertainment Special on KCOP, channel 13 called: ‘John Barbour’s First Live Telethon To Save New York City.

As the Critic-At-Large on KTTV, Channel 11, Los Angeles, he won a Golden Mike for his commentary about the Munich Olympics massacre.

Was the ‘Critic-at-Large on KNBC’s 5 and 6pm News for 5 years where he won 3 Emmys for his reviews and commentaries. At the same time, he was the Film Critic for Los Angeles Magazine for 10 years.

Originated ‘AM Los Angeles’ on KABC where, as Host, he won his first Emmy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Tickets will be available at Laemmle Theaters
World Premier

John Barbour Productions,  written, directed and produced by John Barbour.